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DSS: Dual Spring Secondary Mod

The DSS (Dual Spring Secondary) is a testament to our commitment to revolutionize the performance of Can-Am vehicles. This innovative clutch system upgrade is the culmination of extensive R&D, rigorous testing, and precise engineering. The Dual Spring Secondary completely locks the belt to your secondary sheave, eliminating any belt slip. In parallel, the KWI Big Rollers, significantly larger and more robust than standard rollers, ensure that roller breakage is a thing of the past. With the DSS, your Can-Am can perform optimally across a wide range of horsepower levels, from 300HP to a staggering 800HP. From sea level to 15000 feet, from dunes to the street, the DSS is designed to work for you with no compromises! Be it a stock vehicle or a high-performance model, the DSS seamlessly fits, thanks to our team's professional installation service.