Directly replaces the factory Can Am X3 Clutch bolt and uses the stock belleville

washer. Works with OEM and any aftermarket or billet clutch that utilizes the OEM


The 630 “Ultimate” bolt is made from ultra-strong 200,000 Psi material that provides

a massive improvement in clutch bolt and clutch/crankshaft taper stability and

holding power.

1. Prepare the 630 “ultimate” Primary clutch bolt for installation by

applying the supplied ARP moly lube to the threads, to the underside

of the bolt head and top of OEM bellville washer. It is CRITICAL that the

ARP lube be used as it greatly affects torque loading.

2. Install the 630 “ultimate” Primary Clutch Bolt and torque to 115 ft/

lb (155.91 Nm)

3. Heat cycle the clutch by operating at moderate speed until

operating temperature is reached.

4. Re-Torque the 630 “ultimate” Primary Clutch Bolt to 115 ft/lb

(155.91 Nm)