The KWI GROOVIX is a billet 7075 aluminum cooling helix designed for Can-Am vehicles. It comes in three versions, all of which utilize KWI's patent-pending helix cooling technology.

  • DR3 Cut: The DR3 helix angle is designed for vehicles with up to 260 wheel horsepower. It helps turbo spool-up for aggressive acceleration and quickly backshifts when slowing down, ensuring power is readily available while maintaining smooth cruising. It enhances high-speed performance and belt life by reducing belt slip and improving reliability, even with today's new and evolving belt compounds.

  • #4 Cut: The #4 angle helix is designed to harness the power of aftermarket big turbo kits. It provides aggressive power delivery at lower speeds while keeping RPMs in the power band at higher speeds, resulting in a smooth, flat shift curve that accelerates hard, grips the belt, and offers ultra-quick backshifting.

Highlights: The GROOVIX features a unique rib and fan design to lower belt temperatures and extend belt life. The fan draws air into the center of the secondary clutch, cooling the underside of the belt and sheaves. The rib design increases the surface area for cooling airflow to remove clutch heat. The GROOVIX is made from aircraft-grade 7075 aluminum billets, ensuring durability and performance.