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  1. Remove Belt Cover:

    • Remove outer clutch cover and belt.
  2. Mark Clutch for Reassembly:

    • Put index marks on all primary and secondary sheaves, primary governor cup, and helix.
  3. Primary Clutch Disassembly:

    • Follow BRP service manual for disassembly steps.
    • Remove primary clutch bolt and washer.
    • Use clutch tool kit to remove governor cup.
    • Remove clutch moveable sheave assembly.
  4. Clean and Grease:

    • Clean components as per directions.
    • Replace worn thrust washers and slider shoes.
    • Check and replace primary bearing thrust washer if necessary.
  5. Reassemble Primary Clutch:

    • Follow BRP manual for assembly.
    • Ensure proper positioning of thrust rollers.
  6. Service Secondary Clutch (if necessary):

    • Disassemble and service as per BRP manual.
  7. Helix Installation:

    • Install spring tang in helix.
    • Install and torque Helix bolts.
  8. Final Assembly:

    • Reinstall clutches, belt, and clutch cover.
    • Verify belt alignment and adjust if necessary.

Critical Steps:

  • Ensure all components are properly aligned and torqued.

Final Steps:

  • Test drive and check for proper clutch operation.


****WARNING- proper tools are essential. Failure to use the proper tool, or the use of other presses
for pulling tools/devices will most likely result in a broken or non-useable clutch. This job should only
be done by qualified service personnel with the proper tools for the job. Make sure to consult your
dealer service manual, and also that clutches have been properly inspected for fatigue, cracks, wear.
UTV clutches are assembled under spring pressure. DO NOT attempt to disassemble clutches if you are
not qualified, as serious personal injury could result. KWI will not be responsible for injury or damage
as a result of improper practices or assembly/disassembly by untrained personnel.