To order the Float Mod from KWI Clutching, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the KWI Clutching website: Go to

  2. Choose Your Clutch Type: Select either QRS or P-Drive, depending on your machine's primary type.

  3. Select Your Package: KWI offers four different float packages for both QRS and P-Drive clutches:

    • Float
    • Float +
    • Float Pro
    • Float Pro Max
  4. Provide Machine Information: Complete the required questions about your machine to help calibrate your clutch to a close setup. Keep in mind that every machine is slightly different, so calibration may vary.

  5. Make Your Purchase: After choosing your package and providing the necessary information, proceed to make your purchase.

  6. Package Your Clutches: Ensure your clutches are well-protected. We recommend using a UPS store to package them securely and insuring them for approximately $2000, considering the clutch's value.

  7. Send Your Clutches: Send your clutches to KWI Clutching as per their instructions.

  8. Clutch Inspection: Upon receiving your clutches, KWI will check them in and conduct an inspection. If any issues or additional charges are identified (broken parts, wear beyond repair, etc.), they will email you with a cost estimate and alternative options.

  9. Clutch Modification: After inspection, your clutches will be disassembled and inspected further. They will then move into the machining queue, where necessary modifications and add-ons will be installed. Calibration will be based on the information you provided during checkout.

  10. Final Invoice: Once your clutches are completed, KWI will email you a final invoice. This invoice will include any additional charges that were approved by you and the cost of return shipping, which includes shipping insurance. KWI adds insurance to all shipped clutches.

  11. Payment and Shipping: Pay the final invoice, and once it's settled, your clutches will be shipped out. Orders paid before 2 pm will typically be shipped on the same day.