What clutch kit do i need for my Can-Am X3? What clutch kit do i need for my Can-Am X3?

What clutch kit do i need for my Can-Am X3?


For your Can-Am X3, the clutch kit you need depends on factors like tire size, terrain, riding altitude, and horsepower levels. Here are some recommendations:

Minimum Recommendation:

  • Consider upgrading to the KWI AO or AOP-1 Clutch Kit to regain power.
  • We also recommend the KWI Float Mod to improve belt longevity and boost power.

For Maximum Wheel HP:

  • If you're looking to maximize wheel horsepower, especially with different tire sizes and horsepower levels, the KWI AO or AOP-1 Clutch Kit is a must.
  • You can enhance performance and cooling by adding the KWI GROOVIX.

Universal Kits:

  • KWI offers AO clutch kits and DR3 GROOVIX, which are universal kits designed to fine-tune your X3's performance for various HP levels, turbo setups, terrains, altitudes, and tire sizes.
  • These kits provide a broader tuning window and superior performance, ranging from 120HP to 350 Wheel HP, making them suitable for a wide range of conditions.

Specific Options:

  • There are specific clutch kit options like AO base, AO RR base, AO green, and AO-RC, designed for various Can-Am X3 models and HP levels.
  • The AO-RC clutch kit is ideal for those who enjoy rock crawling while still seeking performance.


  • To install the clutch kit, you'll need the KWI clutch tool kit.
  • Alternatively, you can have it installed and set up by us or a dealer.

Enhancements for Performance and Belt Life: For ultimate performance, smoothness, and belt life, consider these two options:

  1. KWI Fast Float: Offers a 48-hour turnaround time.
  2. KWI Float Mod: Provides a 10-day in-house standard turnaround time and includes various upgrades and maintenance for your clutches.

KWI has solutions to increase wheel horsepower, stabilize belt temperatures, and improve overall performance for your Can-Am X3. The specific choice depends on your X3's model, horsepower, and your preferences.